Thursday, March 15, 2007

MR C.F.LO car CAN1

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Latest engine built by Mr. C.F.Lo,a RB26 stroked to RB29!!

A monster project by Tomatoclub member mainly using PS-powersport product.

Instant Air-Fuel Mixture Analysis on Evo7

Evo 7 with few PS product

Air-Fuel Display for R32

PS Extra injector controller called Sub Injectoion Control.

This RB26 is no more Twin Turbo,T88 turbine took the place.
Old engine.


Map Converter,say bye-bye to MAF!
Boost controller

Trust oil sump

CAN1 still with stock ECU,with all PS stuff to unleash to the limits.

SUPURU....Supra 3.0 with 2JZ-GTE

Honda project for Turbocharger and PS.

Alfa Romeo Turbo.

CAN 1 stored inside his warehouse peacefully,but when the drag season is on u can see this monster in Sepang roaring like thunder.

see this 3 bar powered car.looks simple but furious. Its still on a street car spec,Just remove some of the unused component.

haha thats Rafiq there,this car now produced about 1200bhp with stocks ECU. Believe it.he just use his PS stuff to gain thizzz kind of power.In future projects, 1600++bhp. C.F.LO CAN ONE.
Deep Purple - Highway Star

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