Friday, December 09, 2005

Andy's KE70 turbo

Andy VERY VERY happy with ah ling work,Cheap yet so good on perfomance.

haha kereta baru siap la.Ah ling antar pigi ruma sia.

Andy happy with the power produced by his machine.Ehh marilah mana mana 4A meh test power.

Quite nice eh...

1G intercooler for now...

Extra cooling system.

Blitz Boost meter.

Turbo powered 4A-GTE.


Ikan kecil haha..In Lumut perak.

Ah ling finding the position to fix the turbine.

Rear side of his KE70

Chamang waterfalls hahaha Andy KASAJUKAN..

Our trip to Rompin Pahang spend 2 nights there.

Ah Ling modification centre.


Andy's car at Ah Ling's workshop.

4A-gte in progress by Ah Ling.

bah apa ni pusing pusing masam ulal.

ohh Andy's turbo manifold


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