Monday, February 27, 2006

Wira VR4RS from Botak

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Another TOMATO member,Wira Aeroback owned by Botak looks cool and stock.I am sure you will think he has Proton 4G92 SOHC inside....

Here it is,a VR4 RS version were fitted makes the engine bay crowded.An EVO 3 turbine replaced the old ones.You can't even see his VR4 intercooler.Speed cut limiter from PS product is installed here to ensure Botak can ride more than 180km/h when Balik Kampung.. ..he...he...
He is planning to fix MAP converter from PS product very soon to over come a restrictive Mitsu Air Flow Sensor,and also get instant 25% hp increase

Wow...HKS Super Dragger always the choice.

He really like this....ada umppph.

Clean Interior with Momo steering plus MMC dashboard.

Not to forget a digital boost meter that can read up to 10 bar!
but he never go higher than 1.2bar...sayang engine!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

connie kancil turbo

Yesss.this is conie.Pose in lancong workshop while Wak repairing his blown turbine.


At nilai doin some sprint thing.Haha..just tryin our machine.

This half/cut comes with this dashboard hemmm quite diffrent.

Our web add.

motor oil is all over the place.

have to change the turbine.The back fins gone.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is Zam,he sold his wira and buy this old "junk"hehe.Dont play around,u dono what lies inside this old corona.But u can see his "somethin inside face"hahah...

Lihatlah pandangan belakang kereta ku.Lawa tak old school aku.Power nih.

hello, nama saya Zam,enchem tak,nak test power?hehe memain je.jangan marah.

as u see the intercooler is too small,so we changed it to stock 1G intercooler.

1G-GTE. He runs it with single turbine for a better power.The turbo manifold he got it from sabah.Original HKS single turbo kit for 1G-GTE.


My brother Patrick proudly pose beside his lovely TA45 Celica.Dont play play ahhh...

Pat with one of our friends celica in Menggatal.Quite extreme mods in progress.This monster boosted by Holset 68 trim turbine.PS powersport boost controller,Microtech ECU,fully potted 13B.

Wow thats for my brother back in Sabah.Larger than my Evo 6 intercooler.Damn obvious.

yeah..will be there (Tuaran) soon.Custom intercooler for Celica.

Combination of TOYOTA 2T with 3T.The "rojaks"begin with a blown engine.Now this machine runs with standard 3Twiring,a little bit of mods on the distributor side.2T head with a rebore 3T block,1JZ pistons and a Garrett A/R 60, 48 trim turbine.Boosting at 1.3 bar,hemmmm the power and torque,dont ask fuhhhh...NO REGRETS.

if u see this car on the road,u better watch ur back.he is mad.

one of a kind.Old school by TOYOTA.Very nice interior.But he need new steering wheel,some projects on da way.

Very rare in kl.Superb condition rite for 80's.

custom wastepipe on Garrett A/R 60,
Deep Purple - Highway Star

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