Monday, February 27, 2006

Wira VR4RS from Botak

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Another TOMATO member,Wira Aeroback owned by Botak looks cool and stock.I am sure you will think he has Proton 4G92 SOHC inside....

Here it is,a VR4 RS version were fitted makes the engine bay crowded.An EVO 3 turbine replaced the old ones.You can't even see his VR4 intercooler.Speed cut limiter from PS product is installed here to ensure Botak can ride more than 180km/h when Balik Kampung.. ..he...he...
He is planning to fix MAP converter from PS product very soon to over come a restrictive Mitsu Air Flow Sensor,and also get instant 25% hp increase

Wow...HKS Super Dragger always the choice.

He really like this....ada umppph.

Clean Interior with Momo steering plus MMC dashboard.

Not to forget a digital boost meter that can read up to 10 bar!
but he never go higher than 1.2bar...sayang engine!!!



Blogger ulop97 said...

uih buli tahan nga tida gia ganas ni keta dia...

9:21 PM  
Blogger ragnier said...

sama la injin kita... but ijust brought mine. now ada penyakit pulak, bila panas tidak mau start... any idea bro??

9:34 AM  

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