Thursday, December 22, 2005

SABAH friends

510 Datsun SSS.Powered by SR20DET

This car powered by 3T-gte inside.Had some mods on the engine.They join the 2TG head which enquires only 4 spark plug with 3TG bottom and WALLAH....2TG turbo inside.

Turbocharged KE30,quite nice and simple bodywork

This is TT141 with 1JZ GTE u can see the intercooler from scania lorry.

side view of the TT141.

Quite rare in KL.This model is 910 coupe.They had a club in kk for this kind of model.

haha...this is Toyota carina.In sabah,this model is also one of people's choice.Very rare in KL but in sabah still quite alot on the road.

TA22 of japan 1st sportscar production.Its kinda trial model but its just perfect.just look at the shape of this car damn..coool.look at the boost meter???.Anyway this car is powered by 1JZ-GTE!!!

3" piping all the way to the back.Can u see the fuel pump there.

Still have nice body.simply nice

Corolla KE70,many people love this car,it can use most of LEVIN AE86 parts.Shall i say DRIFTERS will love this car coz if u wanna owns a AE86 huh...U MUST HAVE AT LEAST RM25000 cash in hand.

This 4A-GTE did some mods,a little mods.He just turbocharged his 1600 with SR20 tubine and did some pistons job.Any way he also bang this engine with 2 extra injectors.

look at the turbine,damn huge.i can say maybe 4A-GE is one of the best 1.6 engine around,coz with this size of engine can produce such of bhp.DAMN.....

Wow,TD06 25G.its quite big for this engine,but now he mods most of the internal parts.This engine now produced about 400++ Bhp.

Trueno AE86 from kk sabah,Powered with 4A-GTE.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Amir's Mylancer


Some of the club members came here and Laypark.See that white crown belongs to amir,1JZ on da way
Hehe Amir my friend looks happy with work,HOii go to work la amir stop doin your car after your boss call u,dont ular la..

S14 Turbine.

That intercooler is taken from 5M-GTE (old HKS stuff)half cut.mmm fast car

Mr.Rosli ngan Anyan do some radiator hose job.Amir got his car ready with the help of the club member,most of our club member's a mechanic(pomen).

SOARER half cut.he wanted the crown to be a family car so he get an auto 1JZ.

Wow Amir with newly 1JZ,Its for his Toyota Crown back home.

SR20DET with T28 turbine. But the turbine spoild.

RB series turbine...always changing turbine!
Now with series from IHI.(no pic yet)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Andy's KE70 turbo

Andy VERY VERY happy with ah ling work,Cheap yet so good on perfomance.

haha kereta baru siap la.Ah ling antar pigi ruma sia.

Andy happy with the power produced by his machine.Ehh marilah mana mana 4A meh test power.

Quite nice eh...

1G intercooler for now...

Extra cooling system.

Blitz Boost meter.

Turbo powered 4A-GTE.


Ikan kecil haha..In Lumut perak.

Ah ling finding the position to fix the turbine.

Rear side of his KE70

Chamang waterfalls hahaha Andy KASAJUKAN..

Our trip to Rompin Pahang spend 2 nights there.

Ah Ling modification centre.


Andy's car at Ah Ling's workshop.

4A-gte in progress by Ah Ling.

bah apa ni pusing pusing masam ulal.

ohh Andy's turbo manifold

Fishing trip

uuuiiiiinnaa.... merambat bah diurang

Bah yoyo dapat pari bunga la.Zaki jeles la tu

wahhh big Kurau,Yoyo senyum skit hehe....

Trip to kelong fishing in Bagan Lalang..

baru balik dari jipun turus mo ikut pigi pancing si boy nih

steady steady...

ooppp...oooopppp tarik lagi bang,jangan kasi lapas tu ikang

yumm yumm..grilled pari

wahhhh big catch
Deep Purple - Highway Star

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