Thursday, December 08, 2005

Boy's TT132 huge ur back give way to this monster if u see him on highway.

A set of HKS manifold for 1JZ.

On his wedding day,most of the club member turned up and eat eat eat...Drink drink drink..Amir,Anyan,Zam and Rosli in one of the table.

Boy with his wife's parents

Our trip to Mamood kelong,we spend a night there fishing till sun rise.

Hey what happned to u Boy,There's no 1JZ to boost this boat here,dont worry u'll be fine.BURUK OHH MUKA KAU BOY!!

his new Kenari for normal jalan jalan.

Small little pari

fishing trip in Terengganu,thats me beside him. anyway im the one not holding anything...hehe sorry ah

ah ling did this,u know what, independent suspension from skyline R32,His main purpose is to DRIFT DRIFT DRIFT.

WOW punya basal intercooler si boy nih,gila nopo.lurih punya bah itu.

T70 turbine,HKS single turbo manifold

single turbine project done,home made .

The TT132 you are looking at has been through an extreme mods. Believe It Or Not!! Believe It!!


Blogger May said...

Ba, jadi takan muka kamu ja di dalam nie.!! Mana gambar sia heheheeee...

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