Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ah Ling's 626

S14 SR20DET fitted in MAZDA 626.

This is Ah Ling,Photo taken at Genting

Ah ling doin some wiring job.His customer always happy with his work.Worth payin.

Andy's car on turbo project here at Ah ling shop.

Chamang waterfalls,here we come.

camp at Genting.wowhhhh real fun..

check out the ACC controller,its digital man.damn nice

S14 rear axle

ini kerja ah ling nih.H22 turbocharged

customs anti roll bar,and fuel catch tank by botol air pengakap.

bah ini pun suda modifai nih,AH LING apa ko bikin ooooo.gila la kau ni,

ah ling,our team otai holding hose.his partner beside him. they doin some mods to the absorbers of that FTO.

By the way, the guy with the cap is not Ah Ling for sure!! he just somehow jump into the frame while Ah Ling (the guy yellow as his car) and Syd were creating memories. hahaha!! actually he's Rafiq la!!! (Kena lagi si Rafiq ni!!!)

As you can see this magnificent SR20 is run by 2 sets of ECU's. GSR and S13. Choose your own, GSR,S13, GSR, S13!! How awesome is that??? well, we dont call him Wiring King for nothing eh Ah Ling??


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