Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sydney's AE92

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My car as it is now.

at nilai 3,quite nervous at that time,i saw alot of fast car there.

guess who?

At nilai,newly opened free running.Thats my car there.

Terengganu fishin trip

My cousin posing at C.F.LO workshop

Ah ling place,doin some mods to my shocks.

3" piping,doin myself damn not nice.

boost controller

the sticker of our club member.

look at my standard this time its all stock standard.

doing some mods in ah ling's workshop

hehe thats cool,in sabah words ini barula siok,kaula rojo.

doin front mount intercooler back at home. Mr rosli helped me out.

stil in progress

with my new down pipe did by ah ling,broke my stainless steel pipe at nilai 3

At nilai 3,changin slick tyre.those are my gang helping me .quite nervous to see those car from sepang DRAG.

hemmm quite big( kotuhadan mantat izau,tikid tikid mongiut nopo)

That is sydney and his car. as you can see he lovesssssssssss turbo. so the picture tells. running on 3S-GTE so you better watch your back!!


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